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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

Some of the greatest UFO/ ET video and photo evidence is now shown as the documentary goes between Greer explaining more in depth what CE5 is and how to do it and having the testimony of "ET Ambassadors" (People who do CE5) from around the world share their stories
Inquire Within- Meditation For The Devil

Inquire Within- Meditation For The Devil

So far this album has gotten some awesome shout outs and reviews. 
Sir Mix A Lot has said; It’s an acoustic album called, “Meditation For The Devil”. That’s reason enough to buy it! Its Psychedelic Alien Rock N’Roll and it’s from Seattle so it must be good” 
Gary Holt from Slayer/ Exodus has helped me with a ridiculous and funny promo video (posted below). gave me an awesome interview/ album review; 
"The album continues winding through different genres and unique sounds to paint a picture while opening your mind. From the heavy rock tone of “Temple Of Moloch” to the airy space influenced computer vibe of “Infinitely Temporary”, there is something for everyone."
Read the full interview/ album review here;
Evidence of Moon Bases? Wikileaks Document, Insider Testimony, UFOs on the Moon and More

Evidence of Moon Bases? Wikileaks Document, Insider Testimony, UFOs on the Moon and More

Wikileaks released a document talking about the Soviets destroying a US Moon Base...... Unfortunately they did not uncover the entire document, but the small amount we got is pretty epic and is just one more piece to the puzzles of the moon along with Astronaut testimony and UFO footage from the moon... I'd say somethings going on up there.

Inquire Within: Meditation For The Devil

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1st video is my newest music video, "Universe In My Head".
2nd video is from an appearance I had on the radio show, "Fade To Black".
3rd video is from my prank series.... what is life without some fun?
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I also started and features UFO videos, Testimony of Government Insiders, Documentaries and much more. features footage of all things Paranormal; ghosts, poltergeists, evps, Sasquatch/ Cryptids and all things strange.

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