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The “Ariel” Phenomenon: The Day Aliens Landed in Zimbabwe

The “Ariel” Phenomenon: The Day Aliens Landed in Zimbabwe

Possibly the most impressive UFO encounter took place in September of 1994 in the Zimbabwe town called Ruwa. A group of 62 kids at the Ariel school were at recess, and all of a sudden, all these kids start seeing a variety of hovering objects above them. Not only that, but all these kids state seeing a craft land before them and a small creature came out.
7 Foot Mantis Alien Terrifies Bicyclist

7 Foot Mantis Alien Terrifies Bicyclist

Froggatt described the alien creature as standing at least 7 feet tall and possessing big oval black eyes and a triangular head. It had all the features of a praying mantis but stood on two legs and a somewhat humanoid form. According to him, he stared into the alien's eyes and felt as if it was communicating with him telepathically.
Añjali: Alien Base Disclosed by Retired Intelligence Officers Press Conference

Añjali: Alien Base Disclosed by Retired Intelligence Officers Press Conference

Añjali claims to be a retired Defense Intelligence Officer who has some out-of-this-world experiences, which she aims to prove outright. She claims that she was given permission to enter an extraterrestrial base which is located inside of a mountain here on Earth.

Inquire Within: Meditation For The Devil

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