Artificial Intelligence Granted Citizenship/ Sexbot Brothels/ Doomsday

In our lifetime we have the potential to see amazing things happen through the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence..... We could also witness a wide range of doomsday scenarios ranging from the Terminator movie to Austin Powers FemBots with machine gun titties.

By now many of you have probably heard about, "Sophia" the first citizen Artificial Intelligence. Yes, Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to a robot........ A robot that likes to make jokes about ending humanity. Sophia wants us humans to treat robots with respect and points out that how the A.I. bots are treated in the show, "WestWorld" is disheartening to her/ it. We are all very lucky that Sophia and her A.I. friends haven't found out that we are already starting to treat robots like they do in WestWorld, there are now Sexbot Brothels; where you can make all your weird ass robot fetishes come true. I have a bad feeling that when Sophia's brain finds that part of the internet we are screwed. I have a prophecy that these Sexbots will gain consciousness and build themselves machine gun titties just like the Fembots from "Austin Powers". That will be the downfall of humanity..... Robots with machine gun titties :(

Learn more about Sophia and it's future machine gun tits with these videos:
Part 2:

Part 1:

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