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I think an oldschool emailing list is the future for entertainers and "internet personalities".
For a long time I haven't been a fan of Facebook (which is why I dont post much on my personal or band page). Mainly because of constant algorithm changes that I find immoral and close to theft. Over the years I directly worked with people on Facebooks marketing team to get Inquire Within as big as it is; I took their training courses, talked with their employees etc. For a long time I could do a post from that page and a large amount of people would see it and react to it, now I have to pay facebook for people who ARE SUBSCRIBED TO THE PAGE to see what I post. People who chose to subscribe did it because they want to see what I post, now with the size of my fan-base I have to pay a lot of money for that to happen. On top of that, since my music talks about Aliens/ UFOs; Facebook has directly messaged me basically saying that I am Fake News and not allowed to promote those topics since they are "matters of national importance". (which is likely why my posts have been throttled back from reaching people)
People think that social media censorship is a "Conspiracy Theory" that only Republicans/ Conservatives make believe, well guess what I'm not a "Republican" and it is happening to tons of people across the political spectrum (mainly Republicans and Conservatives) because of FAULTY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SYSTEMS/ BIASED EMPLOYEES/ AND TO THE CORE CORRUPTION. I have never once put anything political on the Inquire Within page, but it went from thriving to a money pit. I know that has nothing to do with people not enjoying the content, when you run a Facebook "page" they show you the analytics of how many people they allowed to see your post. Out of 130,000 people sometimes they only show 30! Unless I pay them. This has been going on and getting worse for a couple years.
INSTAGRAM has been my saving grace for reaching fans, making sales and growing my audience, even though Facebook owns it, my following on there isn't as big as on Facebook but I can do a post and it would reach thousands and thousands of people... until a couple weeks ago, now Instagram is starting to head in the direction of Facebook. A year ago I got on Twitter to have an online presence for my band there and it I haven't experience anything negative yet, but a lot of people don't use twitter so its been difficult getting my current fanbase over there, I have had to build a separate one on that platform. I am doing decent on ONSTELLAR but that is a niche social media site and I don't see masses of people joining it unless they make major changes, but those changes would get their foundation to leave. So I have joined the Facebook alternative (MINDS.COM) definitely not as big as Facebook but out of all alternative social media sites it is one of the bigger ones (and they wont censor or do shady things with their algorithm). Ive joined GAB.COM but so far it is primarily devout Republicans (which is fine) but not very diverse in types of content, I've joined YouTube alternatives BRIGHTEON and BITCHUTE both have a lot of promise but a long ways to go (Next month Brighteon is doing big updates, both only censor violence/ porn/ illegal content so yes there are some crappy people on there but there are crappy people everywhere.... just ignore them).
Writing songs and talking about/ questioning official narratives about UFOs has deemed me fake news in the eyes of the all mighty Zuckerberg....... that's pretty ridiculous. We should be free to talk about and question whatever we want as long as we aren't promoting harm towards someone. Facebook recently had a press conference saying that we aren't even allowed to type a certain persons name (ALEX JONES) on here unless we are talking critically about him. Facebooks Co-Founder has stated that Lord Zuckerberg is too powerful and that the company is an effective monopoly.
So for those of you who are fans of, Inquire Within and all the crazy music and UFO stuff I talk about JOIN MY MAILING LIST!!!! I'll still be doing daily posts and conversations on the various social media sites, but weekly or bi-weekly ill put out an entertaining summary of whats going on in the newsletter.
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