Do pets see ghosts?

Animals have all sorts of things that they are great at picking up on, they can sense their owners emotions and help calm them down, they can sense earthquakes before they happen. In fact it is recorded all the way back to 373 B.C. that people recognized that animals could sense impending earthquakes . The question I have is, do pets see ghosts or at least sense them?

Of course that is always referenced in horror movies, mainly by cats hissing at a corner of a room; but is there more to that? That concept came from somewhere. The question of pets sensing the paranormal is one that countless people have asked online, there are many explanations from it being nothing more than their increased sense of hearing, smell, atmospheric pressure, etc. Even some explanations that pets react to their owners hallucinations. 

Here are some videos of what some think are pets reacting to the paranormal, what do you think is going on here?

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