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When it comes to ET related topics I tend to stay on the positive side, the countless stories of abduction and alien hybrid programs (Close Encounters of the 7th Kind) make it hard to put a positive spin on everything. Though at the end of this article I'll explain why people still should not fear aliens and why we should all seek out a contact experience of our own (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind). What do I mean by "abduction"? A Damn Alien BEAMING YOU UP!!!! What do I mean by "alien hybrid programs"? I mean getting beamed up and then having DNA extracted from you to fuse with another beings DNA. This could include women being impregnated by an ET or a man having his jingle juice involuntarily extracted to inseminate another species. 

Yesterday I bought and watched the epic documentary; "EXTRAORDINARY: The Seeding". First off, this documentary deserves all the awards it got. This documentary dives deep into the topic of hybrid programs by interviewing some brave individuals who were willing to put there name and face out to the public to talk about this, as well as some of the top Hypnotherapists out there who use their skills to help abductee's with memory recall. In most abduction cases, screen memories or memory wipes are used to make the "victim" forget it happened or not believe themselves that it could have happened. Now days most people are open to the reality of Extraterrestrials existing, plenty of those people are open to the fact that THEY ARE visiting Earth and have been for a long time, out of those people plenty claim to have seen a UFO with their own eyes! 

The Numbers:
Across 24 countries nearly 30,000 people were surveyed about belief in Extraterrestrials (study by Glocalities). Here are some of the results:

  • 61% of people believe that there is some form of life on other planets. 17% rule this out and only 22% say that they don’t know.
  • 47% of people believe in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations in the universe. 26% rule this out and 28% say that they don’t know.
  • 25% believe that the first form of life on earth arrived here from another place in the universe. 39% do not believe this and 36% say they don’t know.
  • Of the 47% people who believe that advanced alien civilizations exists, 60% say that humans should try to get in contact with these civilizations. 21% say that we should not try and seek contact and 19% say that they don’t know.

Currently 4 Million Americans claim to have been abducted by Extraterrestrials and 15% of them claim to have been part of one of these Hybrid programs. 
600,000 Americans have memories of being part of an ALIEN HYBRID PROGRAM!!!!!! So definitely don't feel alone or crazy if this has happened to you.

Out of my bands fans that have taken my surveys I've found that 66% have seen at least 1 UFO with their own eyes and 10% claim to have been abducted.

In the documentary, researcher legend Richard Dolan made a really great point about these programs; he was talking about how throughout the course of humanity we have altered the way tons of species are for our benefit. So is it really that far out to think that a species a billion years more advanced than us wouldn't do the same? 

On the question of if this is "EVIL" or not; it's not a simple yes or no answer. Is it evil that we artificially inseminate cows? Most would say no. Is it evil that we have cross bred types of dogs to get a new dog with the personality traits we desire? Most would say no. So its reasonable to assume that some of these "more evolved" beings are looking at us the same way to a degree. Does it make it right or ok for someone to be abducted and basically raped? OF COURSE NOT!!! In the documentary it goes deep into how common it is for women to be legitimately impregnated and then about 4 months into the pregnancy having the fetus taken from them. They medically have all the signs to prove it. It is also not ok that men and women are involuntarily having human/ ET hybrid children and then not even getting to be part of their life, feeling hopeless about being with their own child. It seems that most people who have been part of these programs and are aware of it have gotten to meet a child of theirs at least once. 

Is this all for a greater good that we don't understand? Possibly, but there are plenty of people who would volunteer for these programs if they were asked to. Did those who are in these programs volunteer in a past life, or through their higher self? Maybe. For those who have experienced this in some way, clarity is the key to healing as well as having people that will listen to them without fear of ridicule. Thankfully there are some great places to get that sort of support, clarity and resources to find the right people to help you learn more about your experiences. 
T.E.S.A is a great organization that I was recently told about. It is, "The Experiencer Support Association". They have support groups and help lead experiencers to people that can help them dig out the answers.

In the documentary you will be introduced to, Geraldine Orozco. She has been part of these hybrid programs and started an organization/ support group that has regular meet ups that you can join in person or online. Also she can provide hypnotic regression therapy to help experiencers remember the details. This too can be done through online video chat. Here website is;

I think it is very important to reiterate that though abductions happen as well as some intense things with these hybrid programs. Being afraid of Extraterrestrials and being afraid to seek out peaceful contact for yourself won't do humanity any good. Like here on Earth, the vast majority of people are far from being bad or evil. The vast majority of ET Contact experiences are peaceful as well. If some ET race wanted us dead or suffering they could do it at the snap of their fingers.... it hasn't happened. There are tons and tons of documented reports of UFO's shutting down and deactivating Nuclear Launch sites, there are countless experiencers that have come forward with testimony of their peaceful and enlightening contact experiences. The good that can come from everybody seeking out their own peaceful ET contact could shift our planet into a new era of peace and health. Don't wait for some government official to disclose the ET reality (tons of top level officials have already been coming forward for a long time), see the craft and the beings for yourself. CE-5 or Close Encounters of the 5th kind (Human Initiated Contact) is the way to go for that.  
Some great resources to learn more about CE-5:
and the documentary, "Sirius" by Dr. Steven Greer
Watch here:

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