Inquire Within- Meditation For The Devil

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Meditation For The Devil? Sounds dark and METAL but, its actually the most calm thing I've ever done. This is my new acoustic album coming out on March 28th, 2020. Though its acoustic it is indeed full of Metal elements. This album was never planned; I was 80% done with what was going to be the 2nd album, "Alien Elite", but one day got a random itch to make a full acoustic album. Over those following 20 days I wrote/ recorded all the instruments and soon after had all the vocals done. That is the fastest I have ever written yet still managed to not feel rushed and I am exponentially more proud of this music than "Universe In My Head".

Prior to this album I went through opera lessons as well as took Film Score lessons from legendary composer, Hans Zimmer (Batman, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Interstellar, Inception, etc). Those elements come through a lot with all the cinematic and "epic" elements added throughout. With this one I took a small step back from the UFO and conspiracy themes and focused more on getting past mental hurdles and inner struggles; don't worry though, I put a little bit of that in there. "Meditation For The Devil" to me is; calming your inner anxieties and worries, getting past your "demons" and living/ creating the best life you can.

Similar to the prior album, I have partnered again with, "Trees For The Future". With this partnership each album will plant 10 Trees and every 1000 streams on Spotify/ Apple will plant 1 Tree. Trees also are planted through merchandise sales.

So far this album has gotten some awesome shout outs and reviews.
Sir Mix A Lot has said; It’s an acoustic album called, “Meditation For The Devil”. That’s reason enough to buy it! Its Psychedelic Alien Rock N’Roll and it’s from Seattle so it must be good” 
Gary Holt from Slayer/ Exodus has helped me with a ridiculous and funny promo video (posted below). gave me an awesome interview/ album review;
"The album continues winding through different genres and unique sounds to paint a picture while opening your mind. From the heavy rock tone of “Temple Of Moloch” to the airy space influenced computer vibe of “Infinitely Temporary”, there is something for everyone."
Read the full interview/ album review here;

The months of writing, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, merchandise designing and marketing has been a full time gig getting this album ready to launch; I'm finally at a point where I can get back to wonderful world of UFOlogy and all things weird. Soon I'll be cranking out articles and videos again! 

All 7 songs on this album were exported at various Solfeggio Frequencies, much different than the standard frequency 99% of music is at (440 Hz). The intent was to make all 7 songs represent a different chakra (unfortunately my audio workstation couldn't handle the 7th frequency so that one shares the 6th frequency).

Here is each song and their frequency;
1. Home
396 Hz
2. Meditation For The Devil
417 Hz
3. I Can Fix The Sky
528 Hz
4. Darkness Trembling
639 Hz
5. Temple Of Moloch
741 Hz
6. Infinitely Temporary
852 Hz
7. Infinite Me
852 Hz

Enjoy the music video for the first single from this album, "I Can Fix The Sky". I partnered with multiple charities and organizations for this one.

And here is the Promo Video with Gary Holt (Guitarist of Slayer and Exodus)

Music Video for my new song; "Infinitely Temporary"