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Brain Hackers are probably on their way........... AHHHHHH CRAP!!!!!!!! 

It's been a crazy bit of time in the world; Elon Musk unveiled his upcoming brain chip technology, "Neuralink", Illuminati Pedophile Shithead McAsschunks Jeffery Epstein was arrested and then "committed suicide" (I think he got suicided) and in much happier news The Woodstock of ET Contact is happening soon.

Neuralink is pretty terrifying from a conspiracy theorist point of view, but there are also some beautiful potentials for it. Like many other power innovations, they can be used for good or for evil. Some time ago, Elon Musk went on Joe Rogans podcast and that was the first I heard of Neuralink. I recall Musk saying something along the lines of, "if you can't beat A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) you might as well have the option to join it"; that isn't the direct quote but you get the picture.... AHHHHH CRAP!!! It's a bit weird that the dude who is at the forefront of A.I. technology and who has been warning world leaders for a long time about the dangers of A.I. is the dude who is admitting defeat already. 

Brain Hackers are coming, I'm not out here to be a doom and gloom dude (I don't have any nuclear bunker gear to sell you.... yet) but I think it's a reasonable assumption that these brain chips will open that door. In the Neuralink launch event presentation they talked about how this chip will allow people to upload and download information into their brain. Like in the Matrix binary coding and humans have a strange connection. Soon people will be controlling their smart devices with their brain and accessing information in a crazy epic futuristic way. Governments and very secure servers get hacked regularly, so how will our brains be safe from this? 

Even with all that craziness, I don't think people should rally to prevent this technology from happening, just like I don't think things people find offensive should be silenced. If you don't like it don't get it. There are some people though who could benefit greatly from this technology. There are countless people with various disabilities who could gain freedoms and quality life back that they may have not had hope for before. 

On to the Epstein madness. I'm not going to go too deep into this person. Basically he has been a known billionaire Elite sex trafficking pedophile for a long time. For over a decade people have been coming forward trying to bring this guy down but it's always seemed that the world power houses have protected him..... Probably because most of them are on record taking private flights on his private plane to his private sex trafficking island with allowing their Secret Service come along......... cough cough CLINTON. Recently he was arrested and 2000 pages of damning documents got released to the public including testimony from some of his sex slaves. He said he would name names and then magically while in jail they take him off suicide watch, the camera in his cell goes out, the guards on duty get relieved and the inmates reported to the FBI that it sounded like he was screaming and begging for his life while the guards happened to go in there to save him from his "suicide attempt". The autopsy report showed that the breaks in his neck are more consistent with murder cases than they are suicides. Hopefully enough information is out and enough of the general public are on this to make people be held accountable. There are so many inconsistencies surrounding his death that even all the mainstream news articles are pointing it all out. 

Now on to something epic and happy. "The Woodstock of ET Contact"!!!!!! My good friend Kosta Makreas of has started something genius. As any of you who have followed me for a while know that I am a big fan of CE5 (Human Initiated Extraterrestrial Contact) learn more types of ET Contact HERE. This is a CE5 event that goes right along with the famous "Storming Area 51" event happening next month............ Millions of people claim they are going to get together and raid Area 51 (Millions won't really show up, most people get that it was meant to be a joke) a state of emergency has been declared because the surrounding towns can't support the amount of people projected to actually show up. No one can explain this event better than the man himself, so the following is a direct copy and paste from his Facebook event page;

Hello Everyone!

JOIN US from WHEREVER YOU ARE for a Worldwide “ET Contact” Love Wave Meditation!

“The Woodstock of ET Contact” invites you to participate from wherever you are on Sept. 20-22, 2019!

As a united Human Family we will connect with our ET Star Friends to send a wave of Peace and Love from our hearts to “Area 51” in the Nevada desert of the USA. We will extend that wave to the entire world.

Area 51 is where many people will be gathered for 3 days in awareness of the existence of our ET Friends.

We will not be present at Area 51 and do not condone illegal actions at Area 51. Our event asks you to meditate from wherever you are to create Love and Peace with our ET Friends.

From August 15-18, 1969 “Woodstock” launched a Love Wave that defined a generation which then spread Peace and Love throughout our planet.

On Sept. 20-22, 2019 – 50 years later – “The Woodstock of ET Contact” will launch a Love Wave to define the current generation who in partnership with our ET Friends will then spread Peace and Love throughout our planet.

We know our ET Friends are present in the skies not only in Area 51 but everywhere on Earth. They have stated “We are ready” – ready to connect positively with us humans on a massive scale. They want to partner with us to help establish peace on Earth.

How to Participate:

Wherever you are, whenever you wish, and as often as you wish – all weekend (Sept 20-22) – please do the following:

• Visualize the ground and skies of Area 51

• Send a wave of Peace and Love to humans on the ground there and to our ET Friends in the Area 51 sky who are also present all over the Earth

• Imagine our ET Friends adding their Peace and Love to your great vibes

• From your heart tell our ET Friends that you are ready for Full Open Contact with them on Earth and invite them to walk in peace among us

• Imagine the Peace and Love Wave from Area 51 spreading outward to surround and heal our entire planet

• Envision our planet and all Her inhabitants entering a Golden Age - the birthing of the New Earth and the New (greatly improved) Human, taking our rightful place alongside our Star Brothers and Sisters, living harmoniously as members of the Cosmic Community.

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