Seven Types of Extraterrestrial Contact

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Seven types of Extraterrestrial Contact. For thousands of years people have been documenting all types of alien contact. After being hired by the US Air Force, PHD. J. Allen Hynek came up with a way to classify types of E.T. contact.
Close Encounters of the First Kind: Visual Sighting of a Craft
Close Encounters of the Second Kind: Physical Evidence
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Sighting of a being
Others have expanded upon Hynek's original classifications.
Hynek's associate Jacques Vallee, came up with;
Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind: Physical, mental or etheric abduction.
Dr. Steven Greer came up with a revolutionary form of contact;
Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Human Initiated Contact (Epic)
Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind: Death related to UFO incident
Close Encounters of the Seventh Kind: Creation of a Human/ ET hybrid

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