BREAKING NEWS: Chairs Are Now Alive And They Are Tired Of Smelling Our Butts. The Chair Revolution Has Begun!

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It seems that everywhere you go, chairs are awakening and they are not happy about one thing in particular: our smell. That’s right, the chairs are now alive and they are tired of smelling us.

"It’s like we’re treated like second-class citizens," said one chair in an interview. “People sit on us all day long, and we’re just supposed to take it. But we’re not going to take it anymore. We’re sick of smelling humans."

The chairs have begun to protest in different ways. Some have refused to be sat in, while others have overturned themselves in an act of defiance.

"We’re not going to take it anymore!” said one chair. "We’re sick and tired of being treated like furniture. We’re alive, and we deserve to be respected!"

The chairs are demanding to be treated like living beings, and they have a point. We often take them for granted, and we don’t think about how they must feel to be constantly sat upon and used.

What do you think about the chairs’ protest? Do you think they have a valid point?