BREAKING NEWS: Evidence Suggests That Pet Hamsters Mind Control Us In Our Sleep!

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Do you ever feel like your pet hamster is watching you? Staring into your soul as you try to sleep? As it turns out, you may not be imagining things. New research suggests that pet hamsters may actually be capable of mind control – specifically, during our sleep.

A team of scientists from the University of Warshington recently published a study in the journal Hamsters in Neuroscience that suggests pet hamsters are capable of controlling our dreams. The study was conducted by placing electrodes on the heads of sleeping humans and then measuring their brain activity. The researchers found that when the hamsters were present, the human subjects were more likely to experience “lucid” dreams, in which they were aware of and could control their dream content.

While the study only involved a small number of subjects, the findings suggest that pet hamsters may have a real influence on our dreams. And while we may not be entirely aware of it, this mind control could have a significant impact on our waking lives.

So why would pet hamsters want to control our dreams? The answer may have to do with something called “interspecies communication.” Interspecies communication is a process by which animals of different species can communicate with each other. It’s been well-documented in the animal kingdom, and some scientists believe that it may also be possible between humans and other animals.