BREAKING NEWS: Galactic Emperor Zardasschin Warns He Will Declare War On Earth If Humans Don’t Stop Pointing Laser Pointers At Space!

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Galactic Emperor Zardasschin, the leader of the Milky Way’s largest empire, has issued a warning to humans on Earth: stop pointing laser pointers at space, or he will declare war.

Zardasschin made the ultimatum in a recent Twitter post, in which he accused humans of “disrespecting the natural order of the universe” by shining laser pointers into space. He went on to say that if humans did not stop this “provocative and dangerous behavior,” he would be forced to take military action.

This is not the first time Zardasschin has threatened war against Earth. In the past, he has warned that he would attack if humans did not stop polluting the galaxy, and if they did not cease their “aggressive and expansionist” behavior.

Zardasschin’s latest warning comes at a time of increased tensions between the Milky Way’s empires and Earth. In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile incidents in which lasers have been pointed at spaceships and other galactic objects. This has led to a number of near-misses and, in some cases, collisions.

The Galactic Emperor’s warning should not be taken lightly. If humans do not stop pointing laser pointers at space, they could be facing a full-scale war against one of the most powerful empires in the Milky Way.