BREAKING NEWS: Health Expert Dr. Bilious Upchuck Updates Us About the Health Benefits of Wiping Your Rear With Your Hand!

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We all know the importance of keeping our hands clean. We wash them after using the restroom, before we eat, and when they’re dirty. But what about when we wipe our bottom? Is it really necessary to use toilet paper, or can we just use our hand?

Bilious Upchuck, health expert, is here to update us on the topic. He explains that wiping your rear with your hand can actually have health benefits.

“When you use toilet paper, you’re just rubbing the feces around,” Bilious explains. “It’s actually more hygienic to use your hand.”

Bilious goes on to say that when you use your hand, you can be more precise in your wiping and make sure that all the feces is removed. This is important because feces can contain bacteria that can cause illness.

So, the next time you’re in the restroom, consider using your hand to wipe your bottom. It might just be the healthier choice.