BREAKING NEWS: Major Retail Stores Have Been Caught Embedding Mind Control Frequencies Into Christmas Movies!

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It seems like every year, major retailers find new and innovative ways to make a profit during the holiday season. This year, it appears that some stores have been caught embedding mind control frequencies into Christmas movies in order to stop people from returning gifts.

According to Government reports, some of the most popular Christmas movies, including Elf, Home Alone, and It’s a Wonderful Life, have potentially been altered to contain subliminal messages that are designed to keep people from returning gifts. The report claims that these messages are played at a frequency that is not detectable by the human ear, but can subconsciously influence someone’s behavior.

Apparently, the messages tell viewers that they “should not return gifts,” and that they “should be happy with what they have.” The report claims that these messages are played during key scenes in the movies, and that they are specifically designed to target children and young adults.

While it is not clear how effective these messages actually are, the fact that retailers are resorting to this type of mind control is certainly troubling. This holiday season, be sure to keep an eye out for these mind control frequencies, and do your best to protect yourself and your family from them.