BREAKING NEWS: The Airline Industry Is Controlled By A Secret Society Of Evil Mermaids Who Want To Crash All The Planes!

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There are many theories out there about who or what is really controlling the airline industry. Some say it’s the government, others say it’s a secret society of wealthy elites. But there’s one theory that’s gaining traction lately, and it’s that the airline industry is actually controlled by a secret society of evil mermaids who want to crash all the planes.

This theory is based on a few pieces of evidence. First, there have been a number of strange incidents involving airlines and mermaids. In one incident, a mermaid was reportedly seen swimming near an airport runway. In another, a mermaid was seen clinging to the landing gear of a plane as it took off. And in yet another, a mermaid was found in the baggage compartment of an airplane.

Second, there have been a number of planes that have mysteriously crashed, with no clear explanation as to why. Some believe that the mermaids are using their powers to influence the pilots and cause the crashes.

Third, there have been a number of reports of people seeing mermaids near airports or on planes. This is further evidence that the mermaids are somehow involved with the airline industry.

Whether or not you believe this theory, one thing is for sure: the airline industry is mysterious, and there’s definitely something fishy going on.