BREAKING NEWS: The Coffee Industry is Controlled by a Secret Society of Evil Dragons Who Want to Turn All the Coffee Into Lava!

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Hidden amongst us is a secret society of evil dragons who want to turn all the coffee into lava. This society is known as the Coffee Industry, and it is responsible for some of the most devious plans ever concocted.

The Coffee Industry is a secretive group of dragons who have been meeting in secret for centuries. Their ultimate goal is to turn all the coffee in the world into lava, so that they can rule over the entire planet. To do this, they have been working behind the scenes to control the production and distribution of coffee.

The Coffee Industry is a very powerful force, and they have managed to keep their activities hidden from the general public. However, there are some who are aware of the Coffee Industry’s true nature. These people have been trying to warn others about the Coffee Industry’s plans, but their warnings have largely been ignored.

The Coffee Industry is a hidden danger to the world, and it is important that people are made aware of their activities. If we do not act now, the Coffee Industry will succeeded in their plans, and the world will be plunged into darkness.