BREAKING NEWS: The Military Is Building An Army Of Fembots With Machine Gun Boobs Just Like The Ones From Austin Powers!

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In the hit 1997 movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, the titular character is pitted against a group of super-strong, super-sexy fembots. These mechanical women are the creations of Dr. Evil, and they’re designed to seduce and destroy Austin Powers.

Now, it seems that the military is taking a page out of Dr. Evil’s playbook, as they’re currently in the process of building their own army of fembots.

That’s right, the military is building an army of fembots and they’re just like the ones from Austin Powers.

These fembots are being designed and built by Pasta Dynamics, a leading robotics company.

The fembots being built by Pasta Dynamics are equipped with machine gun boobs, sensors, camera’s and they’re designed to be able to seduce while moving and operating in rough terrain.

An anonymous military source tells us that this is the future of war.