BREAKING NEWS: The Rainforest Is In Trouble, And Weird Al Is To Blame!

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It all started when an unknown source started playing the Weird Al discography very loudly, and it seems that one camel in the rainforest took it to heart.

Since then, more and more camels have been learning to play the accordion, and the once-quiet rainforest is now filled with the sound of honking honky-tonks and wailing waltzes.

The problem is that the accordion is a very loud instrument. When a camel plays it, the sound carries for miles, echoing through the trees and scaring away the animals. This has led to a sharp decline in the number of animals in the rainforest, as they are either fleeing the noise or being eaten by the predators that follow the sound of the accordion.

In addition, the camels’ music is causing the trees to produce less fruit. This is because the vibrations from the accordion disturb the pollinating bees, which are essential for the trees to produce fruit.

If something isn’t done soon, the rainforest will be nothing but a vast desert filled with hungry camels and the sound of Mr. Yankovic’s music.