BREAKING NEWS: The Sports Industry Is Controlled By A Secret Society Of Evil Centaurs Who Want To Make All The Sports Deadly!

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Lurking in the shadows, there is a secret society of evil centaurs who control the sports industry. Their ultimate goal is to make all sports deadly, and they will stop at nothing to achieve their diabolical objectives.

This shadowy cabal is composed of some of the most powerful and influential figures in the world of sports. They include team owners, league commissioners, broadcasters, and even some of the biggest stars in the sporting world. Together, they pull the strings and call the shots in the sports industry.

One of the centaurs’ first moves was to establish the International Olympic Committee. This gave them a platform to promote their deadly sports to a global audience. The IOC has been instrumental in making Death Racing a popular sport.

In Death Racing, contestants must race through a deadly obstacle course. The last thing standing between them and the finish line is a team of fearsome lions. Many brave souls have perished in this grisly sport, but the centaurs continue to promote it.