Nuclear Facility Workers In Seattle Are Turning Into Zombies Due To Nuclear Waste Leaking Into The Toilets!

Issue: 41

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On the fateful day of January 23rd, workers at a Seattle-based nuclear facility made a gruesome discovery. Upon flushing their toilets, nuclear waste began to leak out - and when it made contact with their skin, they instantly turned into zombies.

This horrifying incident occurred due to a mix-up in the nuclear waste disposal system. Rather than being properly disposed of, the nuclear waste was redirected to the facility’s toilets. And because of a laxative drinking contest that was taking place among some of the workers that day, many people were exposed to the contaminated water.

Now, the facility is a hotbed for zombie activity. The workers that haven’t turned into zombies are fighting for their lives, while the zombies roam the halls in search of human flesh. It’s a true nightmare scenario - and it’s all thanks to a simple mistake.