President Biden Passes Executive Order To Mandate Everyone Must Wear Comfy Fuzzy Socks At All Times!

Issue: 48

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President Biden has just passed an executive order mandating that all citizens must wear comfy fuzzy socks at all times. This new order has come under fire from critics, who say that it makes no sense and is a waste of money.

In a press conference, President Biden defended the new order, saying that it was an important step towards making everyone happy at all times. He also announced that there would be a new Comfy Fuzzy Sock Tax to cover the expenses of giving every citizen 24 new pairs of socks per year.

Critics of the president say that this makes no sense and point to the fact that there will be many people who don’t want to wear the socks, especially in hot climates. They also point out that the socks will be uncomfortable in certain situations, like when you are at the beach or in the shower.

Supporters of the president say that this is a small price to pay for the happiness of the American people. They point to studies that show that wearing comfy, fuzzy socks can increase levels of happiness and wellbeing. They also say that the Comfy Fuzzy Sock Tax will be offset by the increased productivity of Americans who are happy and comfortable at work.

Only time will tell if this executive order is a success or a failure. In the meantime, Americans will have to get used to the idea of wearing comfy, fuzzy socks all the time.