Scientists Have Created A Portal To An Alternate Timeline Where Myspace Never Went Away!

Issue: 49

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The day has finally arrived. After years of research and development, scientists have finally created a portal to an alternate timeline where Myspace never went away. This parallel universe is said to be a utopia where peace reigns supreme and all other social media platforms are gone, allowing people to connect with each other in ways never before thought possible.

Of course, this newfound technology is not without its problems. The portal is said to be located in a wealthy elite neighborhood, meaning that only the rich and powerful will have access to it. This has caused a great deal of unrest among the general population, who are demanding that the portal be made available to everyone.

It is only a matter of time before the gates to this alternate timeline are broken down and the world is changed forever. What will happen when Myspace becomes the only social media platform in our reality? Only time will tell.