Thousands Stuck In The Potato Dimension After Accidentally Taking The Wrong Pill To Escape The Matrix!

Issue: 44

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Thousands of people are stuck in the Potato Dimension after accidently taking the wrong pill to escape the Matrix. The matrix is an artificial reality created by machines that has enslaved humanity. Taking the Red Pill is supposed to help you escape the Matrix and return to the real world. However, a production error led to many of the Red Pills being orange. Instead of escaping the Matrix, those who took the Orange Pill are now stuck in the Potato Dimension.

The Potato Dimension is an alternate reality where people are turned into potatoes. It is a dark and miserable place where the sun never shines and the sky is always grey. The only source of light comes from the occasional fires that break out. There is no water and the only food is potatoes. The potatoes are alive and they talk to the people. They tell the people to eat them, but they never say why.

Those who are stuck in the Potato Dimension are desperately trying to find a way out. They have no idea how they got there or how to get back. They are all completely alone and desperately searching for a way back to the Matrix.