This Week In UFO and Paranormal Media! October 27th-November 2nd

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FADE TO BLACK with Jimmy Church
  • Monday October 28th: Karen A. Dahlman will be taking your calls and your OUIJA stories.
  • Tuesday October 29th: Open Lines FADER-FRIGHT-NIGHT
  • Wednesday October 30th: Sha The Loon Witch Open Lines Taro Card Readings


  • Sunday October 27th: Perceptions of Reality / Revisiting the Perez Encounter with George Napp. Guests: Donald Hoffman, Jacques F. Vallee, Alan Stivelman
  • Monday October 28th: Unnecessary Surgeries / UFO Disclosure with George Noory. Guests: Dr. David Hanscom, Stephen Bassett, Teresa Tindal
  • Tuesday October 29th: Cosmology & Planetary Formation / Mindset & Miracles with George Noory. Guests: Erik Asphaug, John J. Murphy
  • Wednesday October 30th: Cybercrimes & Security / C2C Investigative Reports with George Noory. Guests: Kevin Mitnick, Cheryll Jones
  • Thursday October 31st: Ghost to Ghost 2019 with George Noory. Guests: Theresa Argie, Cathi Weber, Open Lines
  • Friday November 1st: Conjure & Folk Magic with George Noory. Guests: Starr Casas, Open Lines
  • Saturday November 2nd: Art Bell: Somewhere In Time

THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT with Richard C Hoagland:

  • Sunday October 27th: Dr. Sam Osmanagich – Startling New Secrets From The Bosnian Pyramids & Stephen Bassett On Disclosure
  • Saturday November 2nd: Stephen Bassett & Georgia Lambert – Is DISCLOSURE (Finally!) Dawning Over Trump’s DC — As The Ultimate Distraction … From Impeachment?

MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT with David Schrader:

  • Monday October 28th: Celebrity Ghosts and Notorious Hauntings/ Haunted in Alabama
  • Tuesday October 29th: Grateful Heart/ More Monsters and Creatures
  • Wednesday October 30th:  "EB" - "Bob's Board": The legendary Spirit Board/ The Ghost Challenger
  • Thursday October 31st: Vince Wilson - The History & Hauntings of Halloween PLUS Open Lines!
  • Friday November 1st: Ken Hayes - UFO Sighting Over Superior Wisconsin/ Kris Newby - Hidden Secrets of Lyme Disease

Features in this article are not paid advertisements. I put them in there because I Brett Larsen have deemed these shows to be Epic and Excellent.