Who and What is INQUIRE WITHIN?

"Even musicians that are current and Ex-members of MEGADETH, The Devin Townsend Project, Soilwork, Chimaira, Six Feet Under and some other national acts joined in on this."

Inquire Within is my band, my brand and my platform to get people interested in UFO/ Paranormal subjects while leading them to sources where they can learn more about it.

Hello, I am Brett Larsen; and I am the one man show behind it all. It definitely didn't start that way and it wouldn't be what it is if it wasn't for my friends that were part of the beginning. "Inquire Within" started as a 3 piece band with myself and two good friends of mine that had been guitarists in past bands with me. I had recently gone through some life changing experiences that made me find a deeper purpose in making music. Some of the experiences were very Extraterrestrial. I was having multiple UFO sightings through practicing CE5 (learn more about that here), discovering far more evidence and testimony of strange phenomena (see for yourself here), becoming friends with leaders in the "UFO Disclosure Community" and a whole lot more! Needless to say it became very obvious what my lyrical content would be focused around.

For our 2017 debut album, "Universe In My Head"; I wanted this to be something that brought people together from around the world, so that's what I did. We had 16 musicians be part of it that came from these countries; South Africa, Serbia, Germany, Malaysia, Spain and of course the USA. Even musicians that are current and Ex-members of MEGADETH, The Devin Townsend Project, Soilwork, Chimaira, Six Feet Under and some other national acts joined in on this. Throughout the making of our first album we all knew that we didn't want this project to be defined by any genre, so we made orchestral pieces, psychedelic songs, Rock N' Roll, Heavy Metal, Death Metal and everything in-between and combined in all sorts of strange ways. For this release I partnered with organization "Trees For The Future" and donated enough funds to plant 10,000 trees and help with their other projects in Africa.

(Over time guitarists Dewey, Kelby and myself agreed that with us all being at different places in life, it was time that I fully made this a solo project.)

In the Summer of 2018 I was invited to be part of the epic event SOULTECH. This event is something that was created by Modern Masters and Fade To Black Radio. I got to meet some of my hero's in the UFO Disclosure field like, Billy Carson, Jimmy Church and tons of other amazing people. At the closing ceremony I released my first solo EP, "Samvartaka Fire" and did a performance.

In the Summer of 2019 I was invited to take part in a CE5 expedition at Mount Shasta. This was a week long event full of Human Initiated Extraterrestrial Contact, put on by Kosta Makreas of ETLetsTalk.com. Also the crew from Skylight Films was there to film it all. During this week there was tons of solid UFO sightings much of which got caught in HD Night Vision Camera. A lot of wild and mind blowing things happened up on that mountain some of which that I don't even know where to start with explaining.

On March 28th, 2020 I released my 2nd full length album, "Meditation For The Devil". No army of session musicians like the last album. "Meditation For The Devil" is a front to back epic cinematic experience utilizing the new things I learned from taking composer, Hans Zimmer's course on film score as well as taking opera lessons. Though all acoustic, the song styles range from etheric pop influenced to Death Metal influenced. Deep electronic soundscapes mixed with organic tones throughout. Lyrically I took a temporary break from the UFO Disclosure theme (the next album is full of it) this album dives deep into the battle against our inner demons and anxieties and the beauty life and the world can be if we all win that battle against ourselves. Almost every song was exported at a different frequency following the Solfeggio Fibonacci sequence; studies have shown each frequency to have a different effect on the listeners mind. The song frequencies are 396hz, 417hz, 528hz, 639hz, 741hz and 852hz. For this release I have once again partnered with, "Trees For The Future" for this release. Each album sale will help plants 10 trees also every 1000 Spotify/ Apple streams plants 1. 

Ever since 2018 I have been working on what will be the 3rd full length album; "Alien Elite: Perception Warfare". This album is front to back all in on UFO Disclosure related topics. Once again this is a solo effort where I am writing/ recording all the music and doing all the production. Unlike "Meditation For The Devil", this album is far more of a Rock/ Metal album with only a couple fully acoustic songs. It is more of a fusion of the styles from "Samvartaka Fire" and "Meditation For The Devil"; very epic and cinematic throughout. Instrumentally the whole album is done and recorded, right now I am going through a couple months of Opera lessons again, and then time to record and release. I am aiming for the end of this Summer! 

From the very beginning I have used the "Inquire Within" social media platforms to share articles about all sorts of mind blowing topics and have made plenty of videos of me talking about them. In a fairly short amount of time between the social media accounts I amassed a global following of nearly a quarter million people. With that I have always felt a responsibility to not waste my opportunity to show tons of people all the things that changed my life. At the same time though I'm still a dude making Rock N' Roll and Heavy Metal so I also have used the platform to share completely ridiculous things because no matter how big this gets I am still me.

-Brett Larsen (Inquire Within)

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