Meditation For The Devil – Inquire Within
Meditation For The Devil

Meditation For The Devil

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Inquire Within is back with a 2nd full length album. This time front man Brett Larsen made the album solo. No army of session musicians like the last album. "Meditation For The Devil" is a front to back epic cinematic experience. Though all acoustic, the song styles range from pop influenced to Death Metal influenced. Deep electronic soundscapes mixed with organic tones throughout. Almost every song was exported at a different frequency following the Solfeggio Fibonacci sequence; studies have shown each frequency to have a different effect on the listeners mind. The song frequencies are 396hz, 417hz, 528hz, 639hz, 741hz and 852hz. Inquire Within has once again partnered with, "Trees For The Future" for this release. Each album sale will help plant 10 trees.